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Why Leather?

Leather is a unique and versatile, one of a kind, product of nature.  It has been used since the beginning of time because of the exceptional qualities it possesses.  The functional physical properties are universal regardless of origin (cow, steer, goat, pig, deer, etc).  These functional properties include:

  • Strength & suppleness, with the ability to stretch but not tear or puncture.  This is due to the unique, physical structure of interwoven and interlocked fibers that form a random 3D design, with no fixed directional pattern, so there is no easy path for a tear to follow.
  • It breathes, insulates and provides a windproof barrier due to its dense fiber.  Leather has the capacity to absorb and transmit moisture through its pores, which contributes to its lasting molding abilities, and is an all season choice for maintaining body temperature.